Cryptocurrency trading, automated

CryptoAlgos is a hands-free bot trading Ethereum on cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling users to automatically follow the market & invest on auto-pilot.


Traders and technology come together

CryptoAlgos is the result of a decade of cumulative experience in the team, from trading strategies elaboration to automation development. We use a statistical approach made of several indicators, as well as state-of-the-art Reinforcement Learning models who learned cryptocurrency trading skills over hundreds of thousands of data points.

More than that, we are building a community of crypto-enthusiasts who don't believe in get-rich-quick scams but know that building a solid cryptocurrency portfolio and investment strategy takes time.

Come chat with us and see by yourself!

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How to get started

3 simple steps

All our strategies are optimized for ETHUSD. We have a scalable integration with Bybit, a highly professional and secure trading exchange.

Yes, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

On average, the strategies do approximately 24% Net Profit.

Some months might be highly profitable, 120%+ depending on markets, and some other months at loss -5 / -10%

Yes, we use a leverage of 2 on all trades for our strategies.

Don't know what leverage is? Investopedia has you covered

Each trade will use the total balance of the account (in more details, around 95% of it.)

Trade after trade the trading bot will use the total balance (95%), which will compound your gains.

No, we can’t guarantee profits because trading involves risks and there is always a chance of losing.

Depending on the strategy you choose among our offers, the trading bot can take from 4 to dozens of trades per month.

In most cases, the longer the bot keeps a trade open, higher are the profits.

It can be risky investing in the services like these. Scammers run rampant offering ridiculously high percentages of return that are too good to be true while smarter scammers offer reasonable returns and hide behind good looking products waiting for people to fall into their trap. We are well aware of these risks and sympathize with investors who fall prey to these people.

At CryptoAlgos, we believe in being fully transparent in regards to our products. We own our losses as we own our gains. You can check out our bot's past performance, directly on ByBit via our demo account

Full transparency is the first step to begin with, but here's more: come and chat with our paid users, they will provide you an external point of view completely outside of our control.

Anything else we can do to earn your trust? Let us know!

No, you can close your computer and turn it off when your trading bot is set up.

Our System is cloud based and does not require you to install anything on your side.

The setup of your trading bot takes less than 10 minutes, we guide you step by step on our blog article.

Our support will be available if you need assistance.

Yes but it is important to be sure that the other bot you use does not trade ETHUSD.

Two bots trading the same asset might create some interference. Make sure you open a dedicated account for each bot.

Yes, you are always in control. You can always close the position partially or fully by taking profit or by moving your Stop Loss.

More questions? Curious?

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